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Vocal warm-ups

Before any practice session, and particularly before attending a rehearsal, it is wise to warm up your vocal cords. The warm-up is best carried out an hour or so before any energetic singing is to be done. The CD contains accompaniments on the first two tracks for simple vocal exercises like those we often use at rehearsals. Experience and research has shown that these should be sung gently, as pushing hard will merely tire out your vocal cords very quickly. You could sing them perhaps to a vowel sound such as "aah" or hum them, only using the keys which are appropriate for your voice - in other words, not attempting to go excessively high or low.

Many professional singers use different approaches that do not involve normal singing in some of their warm-ups. There are many examples available to study online. Here's one that illustrates very well the use of lip-rolls (or "lip-trills"), which are claimed to be capable both of warming up the voice without strain and extending its range if practised daily.

There are no plans to introduce this exercise at our choir rehearsals any time soon!