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Keith and District United Churches' Choir

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The Choir is open to all who enjoy singing, regardless of church affiliation. Our repertoire is mainly church music for performance during services, but we also perform secular music at concerts and similar events. Currently our singing commitments are two short sessions in the year: Spring (for Easter and possibly concert participation) and the Christmas season. Our approach is to encourage singers of all levels of ability and experience to participate and to learn as they go.

Rehearsal CD:

A CD of highlighted parts is issued to all participants in the choir prior to performances. If you are currently attending rehearsals and have not received a CD, please let me know and I will make one for you as soon as possible. If your CD doesn't play properly (which happens sometimes with home-made CDs) I can exchange it for you. More information here: How to use the rehearsal CD.

Vocal warm-ups:

Before any practice session, and particularly before attending a rehearsal, it is wise to warm up your vocal cords. More information here: Vocal warm-ups.